Tom Hanks is great.

Tom Hanks is great. If he were British he’d be knighted. Seriously. Michael Caine has got a knighthood for God’s sake. All for saying, “You was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” and a few other phrases  primed for imitation. Tom Hanks is better than that. He’s more than that. I’ve been thinking a […]

Healthy body, healthy mind

Healthy body, healthy mind We’ve all heard the phrase and most likely dismissed it as nothing more than a cliche. But studies are mounting that show the direct benefits of exercise on mental health. Whilst the benefits of exercise on physical health are obvious to most of us, the benefits on mental health go almost unrecognised. […]


Today, I left the Met. There was no fanfare, no big goodbye, no collection, not even a card, let alone a leaving do to celebrate 10 years, 4 months and 28 days service. Just a few handshakes and wishes of good luck. I turned in my warrant card and left the building almost a civilian – 11 […]

226 miles in a straight line

“Join Florida’s Turnpike. Stay on Florida’s Turnpike for 226 miles.” 226 miles, on one road. In one state. In almost a straight line. That’s a few more miles and a lot less roads than my regular journey from Brentwood to Cheshire that takes in the M25, M1, M6, A500 and A51. It’s also a lot less ‘areas’ than […]

The Out Of Town Fan by A London Red

“The support has been incredible in every city. I want to put on record a big thank-you; we have been away a long time with a lot of travelling and work, but the support at every stadium was great and for that we thank them.” Brendan Rodgers at the conclusion of 2014’s US Tour. Anybody […]

Missing: Brendan Rodgers Tricky Reds

Aston Villa – Loss. Ludogorets – Win via injury time penalty. West Ham – Loss. Read that first line again. It’s not made up. That actually happened. Should you have told me at the start of the season that this was going to happen, I’d have a had a good old chuckle and told you […]

Here’s to you Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson. Runs from his knees apparently. Could run on his hands for all I care because he runs all day. Runs more than any player I’ve ever seen. Makes running around a football pitch look like fun. Makes running around look important. Because he makes it important. He makes it vital. Jordan Henderson. Covers every blade […]